Pipette Filler

Pipette Filler
Pipette Filler

Pipette Filler

Pipette Filler, a metering tool that moves a large volume of liquid from the original container to another container within a certain range, uses electronic control to easily handle liquids to raise your pipette to new heights, ensuring repeatable and reliable results


Enables single-handed operation with minimum effort
Speed adjustment simply with finger tips
Individually set aspiration (upper button) and dispensing (lower button) speeds
Compatible with glass or plastic serological pipettes(0.1-100mL)
0.45μm replaceable hydrophobic filter
High capacity Li-ion battery enables long opperation time
Long-lasting lithium-ion battery
Quiet and powerful motor and pump fills 25 mL pipette in a short time
Intuitive and convenient speed with 6 levels
LCD screen displays battery status and pipetting speed(IELevo Plus)


INLevo PlusINLevo Me
ApplicationAqueous solutionAqueous solution
Operation MethodElectronicElectronic
Volume Range0.1-100ml0.1-100ml
Channel OptionSingle channelSingle channel
AutoclavableYes(silicon adapter&nozzle)Yes(silicon adapter&nozzle)
Aspiration Speed                                                      25mL<5s (6 Level)25ml<7s(6 Level)
Dispensing Speed                                                              Motor/GravityMotor/Gravity
Battery                                                                          Lithium-ionLithium-ion
Battery Service Life                                      More than 8 Hours of Intermittence UseMore than 8 Hours of Intermittence Use
Charging Time                                                                    2-3 Hours2-3 Hours
Pipette Types                              Glass or Plastic Pipette (0. 1- 100mL), Pasteur PipettesGlass or Plastic Pipette (0.1-100mL), Pasteur Pipettes
Filter                                                                    0.45μm Hydrophobic0.45μm Hydrophobic
Weight                                                                200g200g