Multi-parameter Water Analyzer


Multi-parameter Water Analyzer

Innova can provide a variety of multi-parameter analyzers, simple to use, high accuracy, and full-featured.


INO-6C( V11 ) Main Features:

  • The test meets the standard.

  • Multi-light path non-interference system, for COD/NH3-N/TP/TN/Turbidity, Supports two colorimetric methods: dish colorimetric and tube colorimetric.

  • Digestion and colorimetric all-in-one machine.

  • 5.6-inch color touch screen.

  • The instrument has its own calibration function, no need to manually make a curve.

  • Direct reading of concentration, more accurate and stable measurement results.

  • Data transmission, USB interface.

  • It can store 16,000 sets of data.

  • Adopting patented design mold shell.


INO-6C( V8 ) Main Features:

  • Can determine COD, Ammonia Nitrogen, Total phosphorus, and Turbidity.

  • Set the colorimetric system, Digestive system, and timing system in one.

  • High-definition color LCD, humanized operation, and simple to use.

  • Intelligent data analysis, data analysis at a glance.

  • Can change font size, data display more clearly, and parameters more detailed.

  • Imported heat-resistant protective cover, to ensure the safety and reliability of the experiment.

  • Light source life is 100 thousand hours.

  • Above digestion hole, has aviation insulation, and layer protection, and can effectively prevent scald.

  • Support two ways of the colorimetric cuvette and colorimetric tube.

  • The color LCD screen display and concentration direct reading.



INO-3B( V8 ) Main Features:

  • The concentrations of chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, and turbidity were directly determined.

  • The results of the determination are displayed on the LCD screen.

  • It supports the data analysis function and has the function of automatically making an analysis curve.

  • It can transmit the current data and all stored historical data to the computer, and support USB transmission and infrared wireless transmission. (selection)

  • The self-calibration function of the instrument can be calculated and stored according to the standard sample, without manual production of curves.

  • There are 219 curves in memory, of which 166 are standard curves and 53 regression curves. Curves can be invoked according to their needs.

  • Equipped with professional consumables reagents, the working procedures are greatly reduced, the measurement is simpler and the results are more accurate.

  • It can accurately store 12 thousand measured data (each data contains detection date, detection time, instrument parameters, and test results).

  • The printer can print current data and all stored historical data.

  • The rate of digestion is automatically adjusted with the number of loads to achieve intelligent constant temperature control, with a time delay protection function.

  • The instrument adopts the self-designed non-metal case. The machine is beautiful and generous.


 INO-3B(V10)Main Features:

  • It can test about 50 indicators, such as chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, free chlorine, and total chlorine,  suspended solid, chroma (platinum-cobalt color series), turbidity, heavy metal, organic pollutants, and inorganic pollution. A number of indicators such as objects, and direct reading of the concentration.

  •  Memory curve: 228 curves are stored in memory, including 165 standard curves and 63 regression curves. The corresponding curves can be called as needed.

  • Data storage: 12,000 measurement data can be stored accurately (each piece of data information includes the test date, test time, test 1, hour instrument parameters, and test results). 

  • Data transmission: can transmit current data and all stored historical data to the computer, support USB transmission, and infrared wireless transmission (optional). 

  • Intelligent constant temperature: the digestion power is automatically adjusted with the number of loads to realize intelligent constant temperature control with delay protection and other functions.

  • Calibration function: The instrument has its own calibration function, which can calculate and store the curve based on the standard sample, without the need to manually make the curve.

  • Built-in printer: The built-in printer of the instrument can print current data and all stored historical data.

DZS-706A Main Features:

● Can determine pH, mv, ion, conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity, ORP, DO Saturation, temperature.

● LCD display screen

● Multi-reading feature allows auto-read, timed-read and continuous-read. 

● Automatic/Manual temperature compensation ensures accurate results. 

● Auto-hold feature senses and locks the measurement endpoint.

● Over 20 settable parameters, including number of calibration points, stability criteria temperature unit, etc.

● Data capacity of up to 500 sets (GLP-compliant).

● Data can be transferred to PC or printer by USB or RS-232 communication interfaces.


ItemCODAmmonia NitrogenTotal phosphorusTotal nitrogenTurbidity
Measurement range0-10000mg/L (subsection)0-160mg/L (subsection)0-100mg/L (subsection)0-100mg/L (subsection)0-250NTU
AccuracyCOD<50mg/L,≤±8 COD>50mg/L,≤± 5≤±5≤±5≤±5≤±5
Display screen5.6 inch touch screen
Optical stability0.005A/20min
Anti chlorine interference[Cl-]1000mg/L
4000mg/L (Optional)
Digestion temperature165±0.5/120±0.5122±0.5/
Digestion time10min/30min40min/
Colorimetric methodTube/Cuvette
Data storage16000
Curve number132pcs
Data transmissionUSB
Rated voltageAC220V

ItemCODAmmonia NitrogenTotal phosphorusTurbidity
Measurement range5-5000mg/L
0.02-30mg/L (subsection)0.002-10mg/L
COD>50mg/L,≤± 5
Min test line0.1mg/L0.01mg/L0.001mg/L0.1NTU
Test time20min10~15min35~50min1min
Batch process12pcs20pcs12pcsNot limited
Light source life100 thousand  hours
Optical stability≤0.001A/10min
Anti chlorine interference[Cl-]﹤1000mg/L
[Cl-]﹤4000mg/L (Optional)
Digestion temperature165℃±0.5℃/120℃±0.5℃/
Digestion time10min/30min/
Colorimetric methodTube/CuvetteTube/CuvetteTube/CuvetteCuvette
Data storage12 thousand
Curve number56pcs
Data transmissionUSB/Infrared (Optional)
Display screenColor LCD (Resolution 320 X 240)
Rated voltageAC220V
Timing switch3pcs3pcs3pcs/

ItemCODAmmonia nitrogenTotal phosphorusTurbidity
Measurement accuracyCOD50mg/L,≤±10%;
Iimits of detection0.1mg/L0.1mg/L0.1mg/L0.1mg/L
Determination time20min10-15min35-50min1min
Batch processing16 water samples
Lamp life100 thousand hours
Optical stability≤±0.005A/20min
Colorimetric methodCuvette/Tube
Data storage12 thousand
Curve data219
Display modeLCD(320*240)
Communication interfaceUSB/Infra-red (optional)
Power supply220V(AC power)
Digestion temperature165℃±0.5℃/120℃±0.5℃/
Digestion time10min/10min/
Timing range1min-96hour
Timing switch3
Power supplyAC220V±10%/50Hz

ItemCODAmmonia nitrogenTotal phosphorusTotal nitrogenTurbidity
Range2~10000 mg/L0-160 mg/L0~100 mg/L0~100 mg/L0.5~400 NTU
Accuracy≤±5%±5%±5%±5%±2% limit of detection: 0.1NTU
RemarkAnti-chlorine  interference:
CL-]<1000mg/L no interference;
CL-]<4000mg/L (optional)
Test method:  Formazine spectrophotometric method
Curve qty228 pcsData storage12000 pcsDisplayTouch screen big LCD
TestSupport cuvette and tubeprinterThermal  printerData transmissionUSB or infrared transmission
Temperature range45~190Timing range1min~10hTiming accuracy0.2 s/h
Temperature result accuracy<±2℃Temperature homogeneity≤2℃Digest time accuracy≤±2%

Resolution0.1 mv
Resolution0.01 pX
Accuracy±0.01 pX
Ion ConcentrationRange(019990)Unit: mol/L, mmol/L, g/L, mg/L, μg/L
Resolution4-digit Significant Number
Accuracy±1.0% (FS)
Accuracy±1.0% (FS)
TDSRange0.000 mg/L100g/L
Accuracy±1.0% (FS)
TemperatureRange-5.0105.0 ℃
Resolution0.1 ℃
Accuracy±0.2 ℃
GeneralPower Supply100-240V, 50/60Hz