MFC(microbial fuel cell)

MFC(microbial fuel cell)
MFC(microbial fuel cell)

MFC(microbial fuel cell)

MFC is a device that uses microorganisms to convert chemical energy in organic matter directly into electrical energy.


MFC(microbial fuel cell):

Screws are made of high quality 304 corrosion resistant.

Each chamber is processed by diamond cutter to ensure smoothness.

Gasket and chamber precision with the main card gasket, gasket is not easy to loose.

Free silicone plugs for each single chamber.

Side holes are available for customisation.

Side can be equipped with optical quartz glass

Imported acrylic material,  processed by imported diamond cutter, high transmittance.

Not high temperature and high pressure sterilization.

The use of imported diamond cutter processing.

Optical glass models placed under the glass inlaid with quartz glass gasket to reduce the pressure of plexiglass and quartz glass to prevent the glass from bursting.

MFC Microbial reactor:

The reactors are divided into clamp fixed type and anchor ear fixed type, with pagoda head and anaerobic head. The reactor fixed by the anchor ear is relatively better sealed. Bottle body and interface materials are selected high-quality borosilicate material production quality is stable and reliable. 30ml 50ml flange mouth inner diameter of 23mm, the rest of the capacity of the flange mouth inner diameter of 33mm. Supporting non-standard customisation.


Product nameOrder CodeSpecification/VolumeLength*Width*HeightHole d(mm)
Standard MFC (two-compartment )6.1.17ml50*50*2220
Four-compartment microbial fuel cell box6.2.128ml(Two compartment )50*50*2228
MFC quick connection reactor6.3.150ml80*80*4040
MFC Microbial reactorClamp fixed TypeOrder CodeTypePort
6.5Type INo
6.7Type Ⅱpagoda head
6.9Type Ⅲpagoda head
6.8Type Ⅱanaerobic head
6.10 Type Ⅲanaerobic head
Anchor ear fixed Type6.6Type INo
6.13.1Type Ⅱpagoda head
6.14.1Type Ⅲpagoda head
6.12.1Type Ⅱanaerobic head
6.11.1Type Ⅲanaerobic head


Order CodeAccessory
MFC Microbial reactor4.14.1/4.14.3Stainless steel grinding clip 28# for 50ml and 50# for the others
4.11.1/4.11.2O-ring special for 50ml/ O-ring special for 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml
2.2.3/2.2.4PBT Headspace cap GL32/ PBT Headspace cap GL45
4.13.1/4.13.2/4.13.3/4.13.4Pagoda head for GL14 cap
4.6.1/4.6.2Anaerobic plug/Aluminium alloy cap
4.15.1/4.15.2Anchor ear 4-chain for 50ml/ 5-chain for the others
4.10.1Tetrafluoro balanced flange
2.2.3/2.2.4PBT Headspace cap GL32/ PBT Headspace cap GL45


Innova General mini reactor, filter

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