Medicine Cabinet


Medicine Cabinet

Hazardous chemicals refer to highly toxic chemicals and other chemicals that are poisonous, corrosive, explosive, flammable, and combustion-supporting, and are harmful to the human body, facilities, and the environment. In order to protect our safety and health, hazardous chemicals should be placed in special cabinets.



Medicine cabinet:

1.This product is resistant to strong acid, strong alkali and corrosion.

2.Reduce environmental pollution and maintain the health of users.

3.The cabinet adopts integral molding and seamless welding technology, which greatly strengthens the structure of the cabinet and effectively reduces the deformation of the cabinet caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

4.The cabinet body is made of 8mm high-quality polypropylene board, and the hinge handle and other accessories are made of homogeneous polypropylene material resistant to strong acid and strong alkali.

5.Non-standard specifications: can be customized according to customer needs.


Self cleaning medicine cabinet:

1. Cabinet body: main material ≥1.2mm galvanized steel plate, electrostatic spraying of epoxy resin.

2.Door panel: the main material is ≥6mm acrylic board, which has excellent weather resistance.

3. Laminate: main material ≥1.2mm galvanized steel plate, anti-corrosion coating.

4. Acid-base box: polypropylene PP material, good sealing.

5. Control system: Seven-inch LCD touch screen display, real-time temperature and humidity environment monitoring, fan monitoring, VOC concentration environment monitoring and integrated alarm system.

6. Fan: with its own exhaust system, 24 volts current, stable performance, ultra-quiet, no spark static.

7. Filtration system: designed for the volatilization of toxic and harmful gases from various dangerous chemicals in the laboratory.


Medicine cabinet

ModelMaterialShelfSpecificationDimensions (H*W*D)
SCZ500Steel3double door1800*900*450
SCZ600Steel3four doors1800*900*450
SCZ700PP3double door1800*900*450
SCZ800PP3four doors1800*900*450
Self cleaning medicine cabinet

ModelMaterialDimensions (H*W*D)(mm)





Filter options:①Organic filter②Ammonia filter③Inorganic filter④HEPA filter⑤Formaldehyde filter


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