Medical Drying Cabinet


Medical Drying Cabinet

The drying cabinet has changed the structure of the air intake system, and forced hot air to circulate (outlet from the top, exhaust from the bottom), which completely solves the problem of drying ducts as the main type in similar products, and the drying of the lower part of the tray is a slow and incomplete question.



1. Capacity specification: 300L, 500L, can dry and process large-capacity items (can handle multiple catheters and multiple large instrument baskets at the same time): the inner cavity height is 1400mm, which can meet the suspension of the longest pipeline and meet the needs of different customers.    

2. Rapid temperature rise and short drying cycle: forced hot air circulation system controls heat loss, saves time, and reduces drying costs.    

3. Functional program control: There are three drying intervals of high temperature, medium temperature, and low temperature for users to choose from. Each category has a default disinfection drying temperature, humidity, and drying time. Each category of parameters can be carefully modified according to user requirements.    

4. Humanized design: There are multi-layer drying racks inside, which can be flexibly removed to meet the different needs of users and achieve the ideal effect of "one machine with multiple functions". The unique design of the conduit bracket makes the nozzle connection more reliable and not easy to fall off, and the same bracket can meet the drying needs of pipes with different diameters.    

5. External special water tray: When drying equipment, the excess water in the cabinet can be directly drained from the bottom to avoid water.    


ModelInner Dimensions (mm)External Dimensions (mm)VolumePower