Medical Clean Bench


Medical Clean Bench

Medical clean workbench is an air purification equipment that provides a local dust-free and sterile working environment and can artificially control the emission of polluted air in the work area through the filter channel to avoid harm to people and the environment. The special clean workbench for microorganisms can also be used in biological laboratories, medical and health, biopharmaceutical and other related industries. The process conditions, the protection of the health of the operator, and the improvement of product quality and yield are all good.

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Main Features:

1. Product executive standard: YY / T 1539-2017 medical cleaning workbench.    

2. The outer box body adopts cold-rolled steel plate spraying technology, with fine appearance spraying, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the cabinet body.    

3. The aluminum frame high-efficiency filter without partition is adopted, and the filtration efficiency is 99.995% (≥ 0.3 μ m particles). The filter membrane material is borosilicate glass fiber without partition.    

4. The control software system is independently developed and has obtained the national software copyright certificate, intelligent LCD large screen display, electronic stepless voltage regulation and speed regulation, which is more convenient to use. The LCD screen can display the system parameters such as the working area temperature, downdraft, filter service life, etc., adjust the parameter settings by touching the key, and the blue screen displays the parameters.    

5. High quality centrifugal fan is adopted, with voltage fluctuation compensation function, which can ensure the stability and continuity of falling wind speed, with resistance induction compensation function, and effectively extend the service life of ultra-high efficiency filter.    

6. The worktop is made of integrated high-quality stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.    

7. Temperature sensor: it can detect and display the temperature in real time.    

8. Wind speed sensor: it can real-time detect and display the downdraft velocity, monitor the fan operation and the safety status of the operation area.    

9. The front 10 ° inclined operation surface is more ergonomic and comfortable to operate.    

10. Quasi closed mesa with stepped design at the front. When the front window is completely closed, it can effectively prevent external gas from entering.    

11. Thickness of front window glass ≥ 6mm.    

12. Interlock protection design, UV lamp and lighting lamp interlock, to prevent UV lamp misoperation of human harm, more to protect the safety of personnel.    

13. The glass door of the suspension type lifting system is easy to operate and flexible, and has no section type balance method code. The sliding door can be lifted and lowered freely and can stay at any position.    

14. Double side perspective window design, better lighting effect, wider field of vision.    

15. The high efficiency filter is designed with negative pressure around the four rings and positive pressure around the operation area, so as to form a sterile and clean working environment.    

16. Reasonable structure design, maintenance and replacement of high efficiency filter and fan can be carried out at the back of the clean table, which is more convenient and quick.    

17. The manufacturer has relevant qualification and patent    

(1)The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.    

(2)The manufacturer has obtained the medical device production license.    

(3)The product has obtained SFDA medical device registration certificate.    

(4) The control software obtained the national software copyright certificate.    

(5) The product has dozens of patents.    


ModelCB 1400V
Airflow patternVertical air supply
Cleanliness gradeISO level 4 (level 10)
Settling bacteria concentrationWhen ≤ 0.5 / dish (φ 90mm culture dish)
Descent wind speed0.2-0.5m/s (adjustable)
Vibration half peak≤5μmX.Y.Z
Maximum power consumption500W
Workspace size1400*580*520mm
Overall dimension of device1500*695*1700mm
Specification and quantity of high filter1400*470*500*
Specification and quantity of fluorescent lamp / UV lamp40w*/40w*
Applicable numberDouble face