Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic Stirrers
Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic stirrers are used for low viscosity liquids or solid mixing, chemical synthesis, physical and chemical analysis, bio-pharmaceuticals etc. 


Magnetic Stirrer
7"Square Magnetic Stirrer
•  Speed range of 0-1500rpm
•  Maximum stirring quantity of H2O up to 10L
•  Ceramic work plate provides excellent corrosion resistance
LCD Digital Magnetic Stirrer
• High resolution LCD displays actual stirring speed
• Brushless DC motor is maintenance free
• Aluminum covered ceramic coating,corrosion resistant and easy to clean
• Digital speed control up to 1500rpm
• Maximum stirring quantity of H2O at 5L
LED Digital Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic Stirrer

•  Digital speed control within the range of 0-1500rpm
•  Maximum stirring quantity of H2O at 3L
•  LED display shows stirring speed  (MS -PA)
15-Position magnetic stirrer
•  LCD display for precise speed and time control.
•  Maintenance free DC brushless motor for long time and high stirring power.
•  Aluminum laser engraving work plate surface, anti-abrasive, skid and corrosion proof.
•  Strong magnets ensure fast and intense stirring.
•  15 stirring positions are divided into 3 independent groups and each group can be controlled respectively at different speeds and with different timer settings.
•  Buzzer function: When the time countdown ends, the buzzer will remind the user by sound.
10-Position Magnetic Stirrer 
•  Efficient, simple and safe stirring
•  High performance and space-saving design to maximize the use of benchtop space and saving time by stirring multiple solutions
•  Maintenance-free brushless DC motor
•  Speed range 0-1100rpm
•  Stainless steel work plate covered with silicone cushion, provides excellent performance of skid resistance
Ultra-flat Compact Magnetic Stirrer

With excellent stirring functionality, the compact shape of FlatSpin takes less bench space and makes storage easier.
•  Speed range 15 to 1500rmp
•  Automatic reverse rotation for excellent mixing
•  PET top work plate provides excellent chemical resistance
•  Motorless technology provides ultra silent and vibration-free operation
•  Perfect magnetic stirrer for use during titration (bottle-top burette) in analytical chemistry

Economical Magnetic Stirrer
EcoStir is a magnetic stirrer customized for liquid mixing, suitable for chemical analysis, biology reagent mixing, regular laboratory             experiments and liquid handling.
•  Maintenance free brushless DC motor
•  Rare earth magnets give powerful stirring
•  Stepless speed regulation 300-2000rpm
•  Ultra silence and vibration-free design
•  PET top provides excellent chemical resistance
•  Shaft can be fitted with a pH sensor or other sensors for different purposes
Square Plate Magnetic Stirrer
Stirrer with electrode holder has a reliable design
and a powerful stirring ability. It is a basic and ideal tool for electrochemistry
measurements or water & environment monitoring; drug or food analysis; liquid
culture mixing, etc.
•  Compact design with small footprint, 12V voltage available for mobile labs.
•  Square work plate supports 1.5L stirring capacity.
•  Holder with clamp for pH electrode or other sensor.
•  Default PET top provides excellent chemical resistance.
•  Extra colorful stickers satisfy DIY design by yourself.
•  Maintenance free brushless DC moto.
•  An economical choice of a reliable & durable magnetic stirrer with an electrode holder for stable & powerful stirring ability.


SpecificationsMS7-SMS-SMS6-ProMS-PAMS-PBMS-T-S15MS-M-S10FlatSpinEcoStir SquareEcoStir
Work plate Dimension [W x D]184x184mm (7 inch)Ø 135mm(5 inch)140x140mmØ 135mm(5 inch)Ø 135mm(5 inch)460x304mm180×450mmØ90mm120x115mmØ120mm
Work plate materialGlass ceramicStainless steel cover with ceramicAluminum cover with ceramic coatingNylon+GFNylon+GFAluminumStainless steel with silicone coatingPETPETPET
Motor typeShaded pole motorBrushless DC motorBrushless DC motorBrushless DC motorBrushless DC motorDC brushlessBrushless DC motor
Brushless DC MotorBrushless DC motor
Stirring positions111111510111
Max. stirring quantity[H2O]10L20L5L3L3L0.4Lx150.4Lx100.8L1.5L1.5L
Max.magnetic bar[length]80mm80mm40mm50mm50mm40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm
Speed range0-1500rpm0-1500rpm200-1500rpm200-1500rpm0-1500rpm0-1500rpm0-1100rpm15-1500rpm300-2000rpm300-2000rpm
Speed displayScaleScaleLCDLEDscaleLCDScaleButton SettingKnob settingKnob setting
Protection classIP21IP21IP21IP42IP42IP21IP20IP21IP21IP21
Motor input Power15W18W2.4W5W5W

Motor output Power1.5W10W1.8W3W3W
Voltage,Frequency100-120/200-240V,50/60Hz100-240V,50/60Hz100-240V,50/60Hz100-120/200-240V,50/60Hz100-120/200-240V,50/60Hz110V/220V50Hz/60Hz100-120/200-240V,50/60Hz100-120/200-240V,50/60HzDC 12V, 100-240V,50/60Hz100-120/200-240V,50/60Hz
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity5-40℃, 80%RH5-40℃, 80%RH5-40℃, 80%RH10-40℃,80%RH5-40℃,80%RH5-40℃,80%RH5-40℃, 80%RH5-40℃,80%RH5-40℃, 80%RH5-40℃, 80%RH
Speed control accuracy


Timer function