Low Speed Benchtop Centrifuge


Low Speed Benchtop Centrifuge

The centrifuge is widely applied in science and research units of biology,chemistry,radio-immunity,medicine,pharmacy,food and environmental protection,to make separation of biological products and blood sample.


Product Features:

Intelligent control system

◆ Equipped with five groups of  user-defined preset programs.

◆ Program group shortcut key, large storage space, can store 99 program groups.

◆ Automatic electronic door lock.

◆ One key short-time centrifuge button.


Excellent kernel performance

◆  HD large LCD display and the parameters can be revised during operation without shutdown.

◆  Microcomputer control ,AC frequency conversion brush-less motor with fast speed and stable operation.

◆ 10 gear acceleration /deceleration with linear drive.

◆ Two modes can be set: start timing/arrival revolution timing.


Careful and safe care

◆ With rotor automatic identification system .

◆ Over speed,over heat,unbalance protections with auto lid lock.

◆ Steel Structure,centrifuge chamber made of stainless steel with Environmentally friendly anti-corrosion coating treatment.


Intimate detail design

◆ An intimate tool rack is provided for accompanying tools to guard the instrument at all times.

◆ The front of the fuselage is designed with an operation SOP guide map, which makes it easier and more standard for laboratory personnel to use the instrument.

◆ It is equipped with a rotor cover that can be quickly locked for easy use.

◆ Ergonomic, low opening height, close the centrifuge cover with one press.

◆ Special noise reduction system. 


ModelRotol 53
Max Speed5000rpmVoltageAC 220±22V 50/60Hz 10A
Max RCF3013×gPower150W
Max Capacity6×50mlNoise Level≤ 62dBA
Timer1s99minSize (mm)420×320×265
Revolutions/min±10r/minNet Weight19kg

ModelRotol 44
Max. speed4000rpmNoise<62dB(A)
Max. RCF1980xgPower supplyAC220V±22V 50/60Hz 2A
Max. capacity8 x 15ml/12x10mlTotal power100W
Speed accuracy±30rpmDimension (WxDxH)265x305x250mm
Time setting range1min to 99minPackage size (WxDxH)322x452x268mm
Net weight7kgRotor Option8x15ml/12x10ml

ModelRotol 58Rotol 63Rotol 65Rotol 68
Max Speed5500rpm6000rpm6500rpm6500rpm
Max RCF5952×g4338×g5091×g5952×g
Max Capacity4×750ml4×100ml4×250ml4×750ml
VoltageAC 220±22V 50Hz 10A or custom
Noise Level≤ 62dBA
Size (mm)580×465×395500×360×330545×330×365580×465×395
Net Weight61kg31kg48kg61kg
Rotor automatic recognitionYes