Training Course

    We offer different kinds of training not only focus on the equipment but also the background knowledge to make sure a better understanding when use, install or offer maintain services.

    According to the demand, training methods are flexible including online course, videos and manuals

    Laboratory water purification system have higher requirements. In addition to strict requirements for bacteria and impurities in the water, there are stricter requirements for the desalination rate and electrical conductivity of pure water to ensure that the experiment result will not be affected.

    Innova is pleased to announce a new presentation for the Water purification system  on 25th August 2022, from this webinar you will know:

    1, Series and models

    2, New release for trace element analysis

    3, Technical advantages 

    4, Durable consumables

    Click here to join our Zoom webinar on 25th August at 17:00 PM Beijing time!

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