Innova Water Purification System for Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW)

Innova Water Purification System for Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW)

November 18, 2022

What is Clinical Lab Reagent Water (CLRW)?

CLRW is a type of pure water for clinical laboratories. Defined by the Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), America. It’s the minimum grade of lab water that should be used in clinical pathology and diagnostics. If your clinical lab water doesn’t meet CLRW standards, you’ll risk inaccurate and inconsistent test results.


CLRW contains limited amounts of bacteria, ions, organics, and particles, all of which can interfere with test chemists and analyzer operation. The full CLRW specification is: 

Bacteria:   <10 CFU/ml

Resistivity:  >10 MΩNaN

TOC:       <500 PPB

Particles:   0.2um filtration or better


How Innova Water Purification System Produce the CLRW?

In order to improve the accuracy of the experimental results, the laboratory has higher requirements for clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW) quality. The most important thing for a good laboratory water purification system is to be able to produce water that meets the requirements. Therefore, Innova Performa E and Classic D water purification system offer a perfect CLRW solution for Impurities control in four ways.


Ionic Impurities in CLRW

The CLRW resistivity specification of >10MΩNaN restricts the concentrations of ionic impurities to ppb levels or less and requires the elimination of carbon dioxide. This is adequate for most clinical work including general chemical, electrolyte, lipid, and protein assays, immunozymology , toxicology, therapeutic drug monitoring, and molecular biological techniques. With the help of the EDI module and Two-stage RO module of the Innova water purification system, the Ionic Impurities could reach 15MΩNaN@25℃.



Low Levels of Particulates in CLRW

The absence of particulates is a general requirement for all types of applications and is especially critical with the low liquid volumes used in modern assays. There are no particles with a size less than 0.22μm after the Pre-treatment module, Two-stage RO module and Point-of-use filte in the Innova water purification system.




The earlier standards request the TOC spec of <500 ppb in CLRW and allow scope for the presence of a wide variety of organic compounds such as carboxylic acids and polyaromatics, which could jeopardize assays. After the treatment of the Two-stage RO module and Pre-guard cartridge of the Innova water purification system, the TOC could reach <30ppb(μg/L)



Bacterial Contamination in CLRW

Bacterial contamination has serious effects on all aspects of analyzer operation. Bacterial contamination will be<0.01CFU/mL after the treatment of the Pre-treatment module and Two-stage RO module in Innova Performa E and Classic D water purification system


Above all, Innova Performa E and Classic D water purification system uses tap water as the influent, utilizes mature two-stage reverse osmosis technology, and combines new EDI technology to provide users with high-quality pure water. In addition, the Innova water purification system has independent water leakage detection, factory pressure test, remote alarm and other functions, which greatly improves the safety of machine operation.

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