Innova Washer-Disinfector for Medical Instrument Cleaning

Mar 08,2023

Why Medical Instrument Cleaning Is Important?

In the process of contacting patients, the medical instruments will inevitably carry residual blood, pus, protein, and other organic matter and microorganisms. If the cleaning is not thorough, the residual organic matter and microorganisms on the instrument will form a protective film on the surface or inner chamber of the instrument, thus affecting the effect of subsequent disinfection and sterilization, and eventually leading to the failure of disinfection and sterilization. Therefore, the thorough cleaning of the medical instrument is not only the key to successful disinfection and sterilization but also an important link to preventing the occurrence of medical infection.

What Are The Disadvantages of Manual Cleaning?

1. There are differences in the cleaning quality, and in the case of long-term cleaning, the energy of the personnel is limited, and it is inevitable that a small number of instruments will not be completely cleaned, which will affect the disinfection and sterilization.

2. The joints, grooves, and gaps of the surgical instruments can not be fully cleaned, and there will be residues.

3. During the cleaning of sharper instruments, there is a certain risk of puncture injuries during manual cleaning.

4. Can not batch deal with a large number of instruments. When cleaning manually, in order to ensure the cleaning effect, it is necessary to clean individual instruments.

5. The traceability is poor, it is difficult to record and trace the cleaning process, and the cleaning results are difficult to verify.

Therefore, manual cleaning is not the preferred method of instrument cleaning. With the continuous progress of cleaning technology, the automatic washer has been widely used in medical instrument cleaning.

Standard Washing Procedure  of Innova Washer Disinfector  

During the process, the enzymes, disinfectant and glazing liquid can be added automatically

Standard Program of Innova Washer Disinfector  

Equipped with six standard programs for medical instrument cleaning, users can choose the pre-set programs for cleaning.

INNOVA Medical Washer Provides Solutions for Medical Instrument Cleaning Based on the Following Features:

● Equipped with several sets of independent temperature monitoring system 

● Double-door designs make the equipment become a separation barrier between contaminated areas and clean area 

● Caster design, convenient to move 

● Advanced programmable control system 

● Extensive clean area, no spray blind angle, high effciency of cleaning 

● High efficient drying system with HEPA filter, can clean and dry the inner of tubular things 

● AO displayed real-time for thermo-disinfection, making sure the water temperature keeps above 93℃ to reach the international disinfecting efficiency level 

● With self-checking, operational monitoring, and fault diagnosis to make sure stable and reliable work and efficient cleaning and disinfector.

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