Innova New Webinar for Innova Freeze Dryer on Feb 28, 2023

Feb 17,2023

Innova is pleased to announce a new webinar course for the Innova  freeze dryer (lyophilizer) product on  Feb 28, 2023. 

Freeze dryer is widely applied in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, biological science industry, materials science industry, chemical industry, food, and agriculture industry, etc. It is used to produce vaccines and drugs and permanently store biological tissues/organs. Innova INOFD freeze dryer is specialized and designed for small batch tests in the laboratory. 

From this freeze dryer webinar course, you will know:

1. Innova freeze dryer model classification and applications

2. Technical advantages  of  Innova freeze dryer 

3. Compare the new upgrade  Innova freeze dryer and old types

4. How Innova freeze dryer works

Click the link to join Innova Zoom webinar on Feb 28, 2023, at 05:00 PM Beijing, Shanghai

Click here to check Innova freeze dryers brochures for more details information.