Analyzing Sludge: How to Determine Mineral Oil Content Using a Soxhlet Extractor

Mar 17,2023

The presence of mineral oil in industrial sludge is a significant environmental concern as it can lead to soil and water pollution. Determining the amount of mineral oil in sludge is essential to ensure proper disposal and treatment. One of the commonly used methods for determining mineral oil content in sludge is the Soxhlet extraction method. here we will discuss how to Determine Mineral Oil Content Using Innova Soxhlet Extractor.

Method for determination of Mineral Oil Content in Sludge by Soxhlet Extractor 

1.Sample Preparation

Accurately weigh about 20.0±0.5g of sludge sample into a 150mL beaker. Add 0.3mL of concentrated hydrochloric acid to acidify to pH 2.0, add 25g of magnesium sulfate monohydrate, stir to form a uniform paste, spread it on the wall of the beaker, and place it for 15-30min until it solidifies. The solid was removed and ground in a porcelain mortar. Place the powdered sample in a paper extraction sleeve (wrap the powdered sample with polyvinyl fluoride lipophilic filter paper). Due to the large sample volume, the sample can be dispersed in 2 or 3 paper extraction sleeves.


Place the paper extraction sleeve in the extraction chamber of the instrument, add 100mL petroleum ether into the solvent cup, and set the instrument parameters as follows:

3.Experimental results

The sludge samples selected in the experiment were extracted by Soxhlet and dried to constant weight. The experimental results are shown in the following table:

How to guarantee the accuracy of the result with Innova soxhlet extractor  ?

  1. Apply to all organic solvents to satisfy all demands.

  2. Automatic Soxhlet standard method, it customized by glass and PTFE, which can block all impurities and possess high rate of accuracy.

  3. One-click manipulation for start and pause, that makes operation with high proficiency.

  4. Analyzer allows its controller to adsorb on any surface that made by iron.

  5. Vertical screen, more humanization.

  6. In-built 5 methods of extraction, handy operation.

  7. Preset common reagent options, one-click manipulation for repeated trials

  8. The overall heating module, that possesses features of warming faster, favorable effect and low power consumption.

  9. Full temperature and flow control for environmental and economy.

  10. In-built ether leak detection device to ensure experiment safety.

  11. Efficient solvents recovering system for reduce experimentation cost.

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