Horizontal Electrophoresis Cell


Horizontal Electrophoresis Cell

Innova horizontal electrophoresis cell including nucleic acid electrophoresis cell, cellulose acetate film electrophoresis cell and iso-electric focusing (IEF) electrophoresis.


Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis Cell

● Made of high quality polycarbonate, exquisite and durable;

● Transparent top lid, easy for observation;

● Special gel casting base for easy and fast gel casting;

● Auto-switch-off when the lid is opened;

● Removable electrodes, easy to maintain and clean;

● Save buffer solution, easy and simple to use;

● With black band and fluorescent mark on the gel tray makes it convenient to add the samples and observe the gel;

● Can run two pieces of gel at the same time;

● One gel casting base can cast different sizes of gel.

Cellulose Acetate Film Electrophoresis Cell

● Delicate appearance;

● The injection molded body, no leakage;

● Three piece of electrodes with platinum wire;

● The level of the tank body can be adjusted;

● Adjusting sticks for different sizes of paper electrophoresis or cellulose acetate membrane electrophoresis experiments.

Iso-electric Focusing Electrophoresis Cell

● With the cooling device of aluminium alloy that can eliminate heat evenly;

● With the leveling feet to keep the cell horizontally;

● Outfits the special bottle for pouring the liquid which makes the gel casting easily;

● Both upper lid and cooling plate are all have the accurate scaleplate;

● PH gradient value keep steadily, and the focusing result is good;

● The tank body is made of the high transparent, insulative synthetic glass, and no leakage;

● Electrodes are made by pure platinum ( the purity quotient of the noble metal≥99.95%)which have the features of corrosion resistance of electroanalysis and withstand high temperature.


ItemsModelGel size (W*L) mmBuffer Volume mlComb rowsNo.of samplesGel makingAdvised electrophoresis power
Nucleic Acid
Electrophoresis Cell
INOP- 31BN60×601201~28~11Gel maker+gel trayIDY-6C/6D/8C/10C
INOP- 31CN70×1002601~48~15Gel maker+gel trayIDY-6C/6D/8C/10C
INOP- 31DN120×120, 60×120, 120×60, 60×606501~42~100Gel maker+gel trayIDY-6C/6D/8C/10C
INOP- 31E160×200, 160×15010001~617~204Gel maker+gel trayIDY-6C/6D/8C/10C
INOP- 32B130×200, 130×1508001~84~208Gel maker+gel trayIDY-6C/6D/8C
INOP- 32C250×250, 120×250, 60×25016001~426~204Gel trayIDY-6C/6D/8C
INOP- 44N100×20020001~128~96In-situ gel castingIDY-6C/6D/8C
INOP- 44P140×17020001~617~198In-situ gel castingIDY-6C/6D/8C
Cellulose Acetate Film
Electrophoresis Cell
INOP- 38C70×250, 90×25010001~2//IDY-6C/6D/8C
Iso-electric Focusing Electrophoresis CellINOP- 37B140×170750120/IDY- 12/12C