CryoAutosupply Series, LN2 supply tank


CryoAutosupply Series, LN2 supply tank

CryoAutosupply Series liquid nitrogen tanks/container are the latest high performance cryogenic liquid phase storage container which mainly used for liquid nitrogen storage in central laboratories. It introduces low amount of liquid vaporization to generate pressure, providing pressure for the tank to discharge liquid, thereby supply liquid nitrogen for other containers.


Stainless wheel construction ensures them to be used in most rigorous environment for long time. Compared with traditional welded insulated cylinder, it largely reduces liquid nitrogen evaporation loss.

The CryoAutosupply Series tanks include pressure raising valve, drip valve, drain valve and manometer. 

The CryoAutosupply 200 and above tanks equip with rupture disk and muffler to provide customers with goods user’sexperience. In addition, CryoAutosupply Series tanks equip with four robust castor for easy use and move to different area. 

Mainly apply to laboratory and chemical enterprises in need of storing and supplying liquid nitrogen automatically.

Key Features·5 years vacuum warranty·Stainless steel tank·Lockable casters

·Low liquid nitrogen evaporation
·Safety design and mutual or automatic protection
·Electrical level meter and float level meter (optional)
Back-up System

The CryoAutosupply series is a reliable device for liquid nitrogen storage and transportation. Its professional design reduces the liquid nitrogen evaporation consumption and guarantee users’ safety. It can be optional for the solenoid valve, inner temperature monitor and liquid nitrogen level indicator to realize the auto supply of liquid nitrogen.


Innova LN2 Tanks Catalogue

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