CryoArk Series, Dry-shipper


CryoArk Series, Dry-shipper

CryoArk series is dry shipper containers. It is designed for biology, livestock breeding, research andmedical fields and enables the biological samples, straws, cryovials or blood bags to transport below-150℃ environment. There is liquid nitrogen absorbent materials placed in the inner tank, which avoids the risk of outflow of liquid nitrogen. The CryoArk dry shipper meets the IATA and protect your valuable samples in safe conditions for both users and transporters during transportation.


Key Feature·Vapor phase cryogenic storage

·Robust and durable aluminum construction

·Lockable lids

·No spillage of liquid nitrogen

·Available for biological samples straws, cryovials or blood bags ·3 years vacuum warranty
Advantages·Reliable absorption materials, rapid absorption of liquid Nitrogen

·Meet the standard of IATA (The international Transport Association)

·Excellent products construction and superior vacuum performance to ensures the maximum storage time

·Unique stainless steel screen construction ensures samples storage space clean

·Liquid level monitor optional 


INNOVA Liquid Nitrogen Tank Solution

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