Cleaning & Sterillization machine

Cleaning & Sterillization machine

INNOVA can customize the entire filling line according to requirements of the production process, including cleaning & sterillization machine. Suitable for filling glass bottles or plastic bottles in pharmaceutical, healthcare, food industry, etc. 

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Rotary cylinder ultrasonic washing machine

IQCX series is suitable for inner and external cleaning for 2-500ml various materials round bottles or irregular bottles with holders to make the bottle reach the requirement of production.

Vertical ultrasonic washing machine

IQXL series uses vertical gyration structure. It adopts the way of clamping and overturning bottles with a manipulator and the principle of ultrasonic cleaning and washing by alternant jetting water and airflow to clean the containers one by one.

Air cleaning machine

IQX series is a cleaning machine for plastic bottle cleaning in the pharmaceutical industry, which is suitable for 5-200ml round bottles.

Hot air circulating sterilizing tunnel

IRX is mainly used for drying and sterilizing and depyrogenation on antibiotic tube bottles, molded bottle, ampoule bottle, infusion bottle, and oral liquid bottles. The machine can make the bottle stay at300 temperature for≥ 5 minutes, to reach drying, sterilizing, and depyrogenation.


TypeModelApplied rangeCapacityPower supplyPowerCompressed air consumptionWater consumptionOverall size
Rotary cylinder ultrasonic washing machineIQCX-130-500 mL40-60 b/min220V 50Hz2.0 kW10 m3/h0.5 t/h1400*1120*1140 mm
IQCX-280-100 b/min
Vertical ultrasonic washing machineIQXL-601-50mL200-240 b/min220V 50Hz16 kW20 m3/h0.52400*2100*1300 mm
IQXL-80250-350 b/min30 m3/h0.8
IQXL-100350-400 b/min40 m3/h12600*2100*1300 mm
Air cleaning machineIQX-120-500 mL40-60 b/min220V 50Hz 1.5 kW10 m3/h /2000*760*1700 mm
IQX-280-120 b/min2000*800*1700 mm

TypeModelApplied rangeTemperature adjustmentConveying 
Power supplyPowerCooling methodHeating 
Cleaness in 
WeightOverall size
Hot air circulating sterilizing tunnelIRX4000-24000 b/h
(Depends on bottle size)
100-320 ℃width 600-800 mm, Mesh belt typeadjustable380V 50Hz58 kWAir cooling; Bottle discharge temperature≤class 100 room temperature 40Hot air circulationClass 100 lanimar flow hood3000 kg2000*800*1700 mm