Clean room (Electronic,Semi-conductor industry/Nano-industry)

clean room_副本
clean room_副本

Clean room (Electronic,Semi-conductor industry/Nano-industry)

Integrated and turnkey solution of purification system mechanical and electrical systems engineering contracting for pharma and related industries, to match the European Union, American FDA and GMP regulation. We have sufficient experience in project design,GMP consulting and validation, project management.

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All kinds of composite panels manufactured by professional production lines,such as partitions,doors and double-sealed windows made of PU high-pressure foamed panels,polystyrene panels,aluminum-laminated honeycomb core panels,rock wool panels and gypsum core panels.A variety of aluminum profiles can meet needs of purification decoration.

High-pressured Expanded PU Composite Board

The board is made by the production line of Cannon company of Italy, with 0.5-0.6mm thick painted steel panel is used as two sides and expanded PU as core.

New-type composite sandwich painted steel panel

0.5-0.6mm thick painted steel panel is used as two sides,with 0.8mm galvanized bar as its frame,made by strongly pressing the core material and the skeleton together with glue; the core materials include rockwool, paper and aluminum honeycomb and gypsum.

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