Biosafety Cabinet

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Biosafety Cabinet

A biosafety cabinet (BSC)—also called a biological safety cabinet or microbiological safety cabinet—is an enclosed, ventilated laboratory workspace for safely working with materials contaminated with (or potentially contaminated with) pathogens requiring a defined biosafety level. Several different types of BSC exist, differentiated by the degree of biocontainment they provide.

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Friendly Control Panel
◆ Color LED screen, show the air velocity, time, fan station, HEPA filter life and alarm in real time.

Safe and Reliable, Energy-Efficient

◆ DC fan and LED light make the operation power consumption save 30%.

◆ Intelligent auto-supply system.

◆ The alarm system for safe operation height is interlocked with light.

◆ Leak detection in cabinet, no leakage at 500Pa. 

◆ UV light with set timer, safer and high efficiency.

Humanized design

◆ 10°sloped front make it comfortable to operator. 

◆ Negative pressure and double layers chamber around ensure non-leakage, non-pollution.

◆ Movable stainless steel worktable 4 liter capacity stainless steel collecting tank with below down

HEPA filters :

◆ USA HV HEPA Filter Medium, provide 99.995% typical efficiency for particle size over 0.3 microns, and the materials is glass fiber.

 A minimum ISO 5 air quality in the work area

◆ Unique Technology of non leakage.

◆ Every HEPA filters will be tested to ensure non leakage.


Nominal   Size1.3meter(4')
Filtration   EfficiencyHEPA:   ≥99.995%, @0.3μm/ULPA:≥99.9995%, @0.12μm
Downflow   Velocity0.35   m/s(68.88fpm)
Inflow   Velocity0.54 m/s(106.27fpm)
Noise≤67   dB(A)
Vibration(μm)≤5   μm(center of tabletop)
Power   SupplyAC115V,1φ,60HzAC230V,1φ,50/60Hz
Opening   Height(mm)250
Operator ProtectionA.   Total colony in impaction sampler ≤10CFU./time
B. Total colony in   slot sampler ≤5CFU./time
Product   ProtectionTotal   colony in culture dish ≤5CFU./time
Cross   ContaminationTotal   colony in culture dish ≤2CFU./time
Max   Consumption(with spare socket)1.5   kVA/
Rated   Power(without spare socket)1   kVA0.46   kVA
Weight300   kg
Work Dimension   (W1XD1XH1) 1270*600*620   mm (50''x23.6''x24.4'')
Overall Dimension   (WXDXH) 1500*790*2050   mm (59.1''x31.1''x80.7'')
Size   and Qty. of LightLED   24.5 w x ②
Size   and Qty. of UV Light15   w x ②
Lumin. ≥750   Lx
Cabinet   MaterialsHigh-grade   steel and lacquered in ivory
Working   Area MaterialsSS304   fully finished
Air   DirectionTop   out
Plug   StyleUSA   Type(AC125V/10A)/
Qty.   of Spare SocketUSA   Type(AC125V/2A/



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