Bioreactor/Fermenter for Cultivated Meat


Bioreactor/Fermenter for Cultivated Meat

INNOVA can provide fully automatic stainless steel bioreactor/fermenter for pilot or large-scale culture of cultivated meat.

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  • Suspension cultures of microorganisms and cells

  • Developing and optimizing of cell culture process

  • Seed amplification

  • Mass production

● The culture volume is 5~10000L.
● By modular design, provide various functions from general to comprehensive.
● By advanced pressure vessel manufacture process and functions, it meets most requirements of today's bio-pharmaceuticals.
● This system provides a thorough solution for different kinds of budgets and requirements.    

Control System
● With a mature, stable, universal Siemens PLC control system to realize automatic control.
● 10″ touch screen, friendly human-computer interaction.
● The design structure and selection enhance the reliability of the system. It will not be affected by the virus or the Windows operating system.
● All the control aspects adopt intelligent PID control, control stability, high control precision, and have the parameter self-tuning control algorithm.
● With the functions of real-time display, data record, data analysis, graph and batch report, output print, password management and over limit alarm, etc.    


Volume5~10000L (optional)
Load rate30%~70%
Contact materialSUS 316L stainless steel
GassingFour air intakes
Gas controlStandard: rotor flowmeter (manual)
Optional: mass flowmeter (automatic)
SterilizationIn-situ sterilization (steam source external)
Basic controlTemperature, rotating speed, pH, DO, pressure, feeds
Peristaltic pumpStandard 4 pcs
Stirring modeMechanical stirring / magnetic stirring


INNOVA Bioreactor Fermentation Brochure

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