Benchtop Duplex Bioreactor

Benchtop Duplex Bioreactor

INOBIO-JGD controls two vessels by one controller, which is universal with INOBIO-JG/CGC series vessels, so replacement is not limited, and saves more time and space.


Optional vessels:
● Cell culture vessel
● Microbial culture vessel
● Plant cell culture vessel    

● Two glass vessels can be controlled separately at the same time.
● 10″ touch screen, easy to understand and use.
● Controller combines measurement and control hardware for excellent process control.
● Standard with 4×2 peristaltic pumps, the functions of each peristaltic pump can be switched, and external pumps can be configured.
● With external chiller for optional, you don't have to worry about finding a suitable cooling water source for your bioreactor.   


Control System
● With mature, stable, universal Siemens PLC control system to realize automatic control.
● With the functions of real-time display, data recording, data analysis, output printing, password management, abnormal analysis, overlimit alarm, etc.
● With USB interface, and data can be copied directly by USB.
● Running modes:
Manual control: You can open valve or set the percentage of valve opening.
Automatic control: You can select continuous or PID control the switch.
Sequence control: The control of all parameters can be pre-set at least 10 control sections.
Automatic segmentation remotely control: PC control.
Related control: Rotating speed & dissolved oxygen, gasing & dissolved oxygen, feeding & pH, etc.    


Volume0.2~50L (optional)
Load rate30%~70%
Vessel materialBorosilicate glass
GassingStandard: one air intake
Optional: multiple air intakes
Gas controlStandard: rotor flowmeter (manual)
Optional: mass flowmeter (automatic)
SterilizationIn autoclave
Basic controlTemperature, rotating speed, pH, DO, antifoam, feeds
Peristaltic pumpStandard 4×2 pcs
Stirring modeStandard: mechanical stirring
Optional: magnetic stirring
Number of controllable vessels2


INNOVA Bioreactor Fermentation Brochure

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