Bench Top Shaker & Rocker

shakerandrocker ZWY-304
shakerandrocker ZWY-304

Bench Top Shaker & Rocker

INNOVA offers a comprehensive range of benchtop shakers and rockers, units are available with three actions, orbital,linear and see-saw, and two sizes.


Benchtop Orbital Shaker

▶ The IWY-304 provides a smooth uniform circular motion with an orbit of 30mm. The shaker can be used in incubators and warm room if the temperature is not higher than 50°C.

▶ The standard cradle platform can turn IWY-304 unit into a very effective mini platform shaker, which allows for different combinations of vessels offering maximum versatility. Alternatively, the tray is interchangeable with flask clamp tray (IWF-334) or non-slip mat tray (IWQ-344).

▶ Speed is variable from 30 to 300rpm, with shaking times can be set to run from 0-500hours, or set for continuous operation.

The non-volatile memory restores all settings after power failure.

Benchtop Reciprocal Shaker

▶ The IWF-334 lab scale platform shaker has a powerful yet quiet shaking mechanism that has been designed for problem free continuous use. This unit provides a versatile linear shaking action with unique 4 level stroke

adjustment from 20, 24, 30 to 40mm, ideal for most extracting applications.

▶ Speed is fully variable from 30-300rpm, and is set digitally for consistency. The speed is microprocessor controlled and accurately maintained even over long runs. The built-in timer can be set from 0-500hours. After the timer has counted down, the shaker stops and sounds an alert. The flask clamp tray is fitted as standard, while can be interchanged with non-slip mat tray or cradle platform.

Benchtop See-Saw Rocker

▶ IWQ-344 has a see-saw rocking action that creates a wave motion within vessels such as culture flask, petri- dishes etc.

one unique feature of this unit is IWQ-344 provides 4 level of tilt angles from 5°, 8°, 10° and 12°, ideal for ashing.

▶ The speed is microprocessor controlled, variable from 20-80rpm. The model is supplied with a non-slip mat. The large LCD screen with user-friendly digital keypad ensures clear readout and easy operation. Like all other benchtop shakers,

all settings of speed and time are encrypted to prevent unauthorized changes.




Shaker & Rocker

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