Ozone aging test chamber is mainly adopted for rubber products testing such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulation sheathing products, intermittent static tensile dynamic tensile deformation, or deformation under dynamic stretching and static stretching alternating, confined to light with constant ozone concentration in the air and constant temperature chamber exposed to detection, scheduled on the specimen occurred from the specimen surface cracking or other properties of the degree of change, resistance to ozone in order to assess the rubber aging property.

Main features:

1. The test chamber box located in the lower part of the cabinet after the overall structure of the form, the air handling system, detection and control system is located in the right side of the test chamber. 

2. Studio surface air path sandwich, distribution heated humidifier, circulation fan and other means, Chambers upper layer has a balanced vent gas is continuously discharged from the test chamber has been kept in the test chamber the gas concentration balance test chamber for single door, ozone resistance silicon rubber seal.   

 3. Test chamber has a viewing window and switch control lights.

4. Touch screen smart controller located in the equipment right front.

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