Automatic culture medium preparation system

Automatic culture medium preparation system
Automatic culture medium preparation system

Automatic culture medium preparation system

INNOVA sample prep series automatic medium preparation instrument is suitable for preparing all kinds of the aseptic medium in the laboratory.

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Working mode:

Two main operation modes for media preparation, plus two extra modes can be selected, and the parameters set to your needs:

1. STANDARD mode: For the preparation of standard and highly sensitive culture media. Sterilization temperature/time and dispensing temperature can be set.

2. CHOCOLATE AGAR mode: A special two-step program that allows the preparation of complex media. After the first sterilization phase, supplements, e.g. blood, can be added through the adding port. Subsequently, a second heating phase will be performed.

3. WATER BATH mode: the culture medium was dissolved at 30-80 °C before formal sterilization. Glassware can be placed in the sterilizer and the liquid in the glassware can be heated in a water bath.

4. AUTOCLAVE mode (Sampleprep 10 only): After the autoclave mode is enabled, it can be used as an ordinary desktop sterilizer to sterilize a small number of test tubes, flasks, and other glassware.

Medium sterilization

Sampleprep ensures the fast and gentle preparation of standard and highly sensitive media. The efficient heating and cooling system combined with uniform stirring minimizes the thermal stress on the culture medium and ensures the nutrition of the culture medium.

High Operational safety

 Before the sterilization starts, there will be a program to automatically check the airtightness of the whole system, for example: whether the sealing ring of the pot cover is intact, which can avoid the pressure relief caused by the sudden air leakage of the medium during the sterilization process, in addition, Sampleprep is equipped with 4 independent temperature/pressure detectors to ensure the high safety of users and working environment. Equipped with an independent overvoltage safety protection device, when the electronic detection system fails, the pressure will be automatically released to ensure safety.

Fast Heating

Powerful heating elements permit fast media processing. This minimizes thermal stress and ensures high fertility of your culture media. Pressure and temperature-controlled deaeration guarantees saturated steam in the vessel - an absolute must for complete sterilization.

Reliable Sterilization

The large and strong magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed and reversing rotation direction ensures homogenous media preparation overa wide viscosity range. APt-100 temperature probe and microprocessor control of all relevant process parameters allow reliable and complete sterilization of culture media.

Rapid Cooling

Rapid cooling is enabled by an efficient plate heat exchanger. The spatial separation of the cooling water system and the sterilization chamber makes it virtually impossible that culture media will get contaminated by cooling water. The built-in support pressure system prevents a delay in boiling during the rapid cool-down phase and thereby allows an extraordinarily fast and gentle cooling.

Sterilization Data Record

Sampleprep provides tools needed for data recording, including sterilization parameters, working status, etc., to support long-term data storage.

Cleaning and maintenance

The built-in cleaning program can automatically sterilize and clean the cavity, pipes, and valves. High-temperature interlayer water can be discharged at the end of the program, dissolve and eliminate the residual medium. This sterilizes all the pipes and parts in the whole machine and provides a good environment for the next use.


ModelMediumPre 12MediumPre 30MediumPre 45MediumPre 60
Chamber size(Ø×H)300×260mm300×640mm400×480mm400×685mm
Bucket size(Ø×H)260×220mm260×600mm380×440mm380×640mm
Design temperature147°C
Sterilization temperature70°C-130°C90-135℃
Dispensing temperature25°C-80°C35-80℃
Water bath temperature30°C-80°C0-100℃
Temperature accuracy0.1°C0.1°C
Temperature deviation0.5°C1°C
Time Setting Accuracy1min1min
Max. allow pressure2.5bar
Design pressure3.5bar
Chamber sterilized waterDeionized water, can automatically enter the water, pressure ≥ 1bar,
with high and low liquid level alarm
Circulating waterTap water, pressure≥ 1bar
Sterilization chamber materialS31603
Dispenser port3222
Feeding port1111
Stirrer speed120, 240rpm quick selectable;  0-240rpm stepless adjustable
Heating power3.6kW6.6kW15kW
Power supply220-240V,
50/60 Hz, 20A
50/60Hz, 32A
50/60Hz, 40A
Weight85 kg122kg160kg180kg


Medium Preparation and Filling System

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