An anaerobic incubator providing for a consistently anaerobic and constant-temperature environment within an incubation jar for culture of root canal contents which comprises an incubator body, an open-top incubation jar disposed in said incubator body and comprising an outer cylindrical casing made of aluminum and, as fitted intimately therein, an inner cylindrical casing made of stainless steel, a planar heater disposed in intimate contact with the exterior surface of said outer cylindrical casing, and a temperature sensor mounted in the wall of said outer cylindrical casing. The anaerobic incubator of the invention does not require a time-consuming procedure particularly for changing water, is free from aging of heater and temperature sensor performances, and provides for improved responsiveness and controllability of the incubation jar.

Main features:

 ● This workstation integrates CO2 , Constant temperature and humidity, anaerobic incubator whole.

 ● Can operate as an anaerobic or micro-oxygen chamber (oxygen concentration: 0-10%).

 ● Fully automatic humidity control system to avoid drying of the Petri dishes.

 ● Sample transfer: can transfer 40 pcs of 90mm plates at a time, single dish transfer device is optional.

 ● Available with automatic sleeve gassing system operated by foot-switch, so you can control vacuum and       Nitrogen gas filling efficiently. 

● Equipped with standard external vacuum pump.

 ● Using high-efficiency palladium catalyst to keep the oxygen concentration less than 0.1% without frequent activation.

 ● UV lamp for sterilization.

 ● Full-automatic control for gas replacement path, with positive pressure and negative pressure protection.

 ● Can perform CO2 , humidity and temperature control.

 ● Unique oil bottle type pressure relief design, protects internal positive pressure and prevents air leakage.

 ● With a number of low pressure, over temperature protection devices.

 ● The whole front cover can be lifted off for placing large instruments or thorough cleaning.

 ● Equipped with standard power socket.

 ● Touch screen directly displays the oxygen percentage of the operating room, easy for observation.

● Latex gloves for comfortable and flexible operation.

● Bare-hand operating system is optional. Ensure comfortable operation with no skin allergies.

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