Air Compressor

AT 80 38
AT 80 38

Air Compressor

INNOVA oil-free and silent air compressors are equipped with a self-produced powerful air pump and an air tank with built-in anti-corrosion coating. It is cost-effective and suitable for fermenter air supply.

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● Ultra-quiet: The sound of the air compressor is extremely low when it is working, which can meet the requirements of all indoor applications.

● Ultra-clean: the machine is pure oil-free design, the original oil-free lubricating piston system, high efficiency, low loss, ultra-clean exhaust gas, meets the needs of supporting equipment, ensures the safety of operators

● Anti-rust spraying: The interior of the gas storage tank is treated with anti-rust and anti-bacteria to ensure the cleanliness of the gas and the safety of the product from the source.

● Low energy consumption: The ratio of pressure and gas production is based on the optimal ratio. Under the condition of the least energy consumption, the most gas source can be produced as quickly as possible, and the start and stop of the machine are all automatically designed, not only saving electricity, but also saves you worry.

● Operation safety: the machine is equipped with multiple automatic protection system, when there is any abnormal voltage, air pressure or current in the environment, it will stop automatically to ensure the safety of equipment and people.

● Easy to operate: power-ready, automatic design, work without special personnel on duty; air pressure can be freely adjusted according to the requirements of use, no need for complicated maintenance, only regular drainage.


Power0.75kW / 1HP
Max airflow152L/min
Net weight28kg
Gross weight30kg
Unit dimension410*410*650
Package dimension450*450*730
For dental chairs2