Basic Requirements of Fermentor:

Basic Requirements of Fermentor:

May 24, 2022

Fermentor equipment has the advantages of sterility, high dissolved oxygen efficiency and low energy consumption. It is widely used in the cultivation of microorganisms and cells. 

Fermentors used for biological cultivation need to meet the following requirements:

   1. Fermentor should have a suitable height to diameter ratio, which is generally (2.5~4):1.

   2. Fermentor should be able to withstand pressure. When the fermentor is sterilized and working, there is a certain pressure and temperature in the tank, so the strength of each part should be able to withstand the pressure.

   3. The stirring device and gasing device of fermentor should disperse air bubbles and fully mix gas and liquid to ensure the amount of dissolved oxygen and improve the utilization rate of oxygen.

   4. Fermentor should equipped with heating and cooling devices. Microorganism and cell culture need suitable temperature. In order to control the temperature in different stages of the fermentation process, fermentor should have sufficient heat exchange area.

   5. The interior of fermentor should be polished to ensure thorough sterilization and cleaning.

   6. Fermentor needs to be equipped with reliable detection and control devices.

   7. The agitator of fermentor should have a tight seal without leakage.