A Guide to Innova Benchtop Freeze Dryer for the Laboratory

A Guide to Innova Benchtop Freeze Dryer for the Laboratory

April 21, 2022

INNOVA Freeze Dryers are freeze dryer machines designed to handle the lyophilization needs of research and pilot plant laboratories, which are widely applied in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, biological science industry, materials science industry, chemical industry, food, and agriculture industry, etc. It is used to produce vaccines and drugs and permanently store biological tissues/organs.

A freeze dryer is used to remove water from delicate biological products without damaging their chemical structure. This allows them to be preserved easily and they can be reconstituted later by adding water or solvents.

Advantages of Laboratory Freeze Drying 

With a freeze dryer, sensitive, unstable or heat-sensitive materials can be preserved without damaging their physical structure. This also enables biologicals to be handled easily without risk of contamination and allows them to be transported cheaply as there is no need for refrigeration or conventional freezing.

What is A Laboratory Freeze Dryer used for?

Biologicals Suitable For Freeze Drying

Vaccines and antibodies


Blood plasma




Viruses and bacteria

Active pharmaceutical ingredients

Pathological samples and cultures

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