Precautions in the work of fermentor

Precautions in the work of fermentor

April 13, 2022

In order to avoid accidents during the operation of fermentor, the following 7 precautions have been sorted out.

1. The pressure gauge and safety valve need to be checked regularly, and should be replaced or repaired in time if there is any fault.

2. Some fermentation production has the characteristics of chemical production, and there is a risk of poisoning, corrosion, combustion, explosion and other accidents. If any abnormal or accident occurs during operation, it should be stopped immediately. The water, electricity, gas, and steam sources should be cut off, and then reported.

3. Work clothes and gloves must be worn during steam sterilization. When opening the valve, it must be operated from the side. Do not use sleeves wrapped around to prevent burns.

4. Check whether the direction of the valve is correct before opening the exhaust port. Pay attention to whether there are people or electrical equipment around the exhaust port. It should be performed by professionals.

5. The glass tank must be protected during high temperature operation, and it is strictly forbidden to rinse with cold water or collide with hard objects.

6. Should always pay attention to the change of pressure during operation, and over-pressure and over-temperature are strictly prohibited. 

7. The alkaline solution or water leakage caused by the accident should be wiped in time. Used supplement bottles and other items should be cleaned in time.