Photobioreactor is one of the key tool used in algal biofuel research. Being a controlled environment, it is suited to laboratory scale research, especially as the conditions (including light intensity) can be closely controlled. This may be to mimic conditions in the natural environment or to investigate optimum growth.

System features(Customized on requests)

·Light source power can be continuously adjusted size
·Integrated light source controller for mercury lamp, xenon lamp, metal halide lamp and other light source use
·Mercury lamp power standard adjust range: 100 ~ 1000W, can be continuously adjusted (or custom)
·Xenon lamp power standard adjust range: 100 ~ 1000W can be adjusted continuously (or custom)

·Metal halide lamp power standard adjust range: 100 ~ 450W can be adjusted continuously (or custom)

·Quartz tube specifications: 30ml, 50ml (or custom)
·Handle 8 samples (or custom) at the same time
·8-bit or more magnetic stirrers can adjust the stirring speed of 8 or more samples simultaneously (or custom) ·Cooling capacity of chiller:> 1000W (or custom)

·Chiller is euippped with casters and bottom drain valve

Control tower

The  BIOWITTM Control Tower unites measurement and control hardware, pumps as well as the gassing system for excellent process control.


BIOWITTM Control System: on-site controller, the next crew for the Siemens S1200 series.PLC control system, it is a mature, stable, universal type of PLC, to suit a variety of automation applications, especially in manufacturing process control application, easy to implement distributed configuration and easy to master and so on.

Siemens PLC control center has become a biological reaction process controlimplementation is economical and advanced control system, the system uses the touch screen display, on-site direct operations (menu type), all English menu and interface; also with the host computer for data transmission, data sampling and display tank, the system view of data analysis, reading settings.

10'' LCD touch-sensitive screen as the display screen to display complete content-rich, user-friendly screen is simple, easy to operate. And disturbing each other. The control system can adapt to different range of sensors and actuators the output of the input signal with the signal anti-jamming system.

Software: Siemens S7+ FORCE CONTORL

Data collection and control module: Siemens S200 PLC controller and data collection and

control module

1. Control

· Manual control: You can set the percentage of open valve or a valve opening 

· Automatic control mode: You can select continuous or PID PID control the switch

· Sequence control: the control of all parameters can be pre-set at least 10 control section,

· Automatic segmentation remotely control: PC control 

· Acceptable correlation

Control: the dissolved oxygen can select speed, air flow rate, tank pressure, control of

feeding, etc.; pH can choose to control with acid and alkali

2. Measurement function: can feeding, bubble enemy, such as measurement of pH

3. XY-axis to chart real progress can be any expansion and contraction of graphics display,to help the operator determine the parameters of the interaction between the effects of the fermentation process to quickly modify and adjust

4. Data Processing

· To show that all the parameters of the trend curve analysis

· To store, display, analyze all the historical curve parameters

· Display all the parameters of the batch report

· copy the data directly with the USB

· Data storage format is compatible with EXCEL, EXCEL platform can be to deal with

5. Controller self-protection function: to set the password, others can not modify the fermentation parameters; and the controller is not lost due to power settings for each parameter

6. Can the process control parameters, each parameter can have 10 block can be set

7. Time display of each parameter recording interval can be adjusted

8. Two parameters can be carried out with the screen settings and calibration

9. show the controller is really running against, the panel instructed the state process system, process hardware, and motion status indicator for understanding the various devices (such as peristaltic pumps, circulating pumps, heating, mixing, etc.) work status.Fault identification can be used as display

10. Each parameter of the transmission are independent modules, without disturbing each other, for easy maintenance

11.PH, DO and other parameters of control and associated controls can be adjusted

Definition Of Models:

INOBIO(FE)– 1  2  3  4  5  X6  7

BIO- Bioreactor

FE- Fermenter


1-  Total volume of tank  (litre)

2- Tank material  (G: Glass /-S Stainless steel)

3- Stirring  (C: Magnetic /-J: Mechanical)

4- Sterilization method  (A: In-situ automatic /M: Offsite Manual)

5- Lid lift method  (A: Air-lift/M:Manul)

X6- Numbers of tanks (For multi-stages or multi-parallel )

7- P: Photo Bioreactor/  S:Solid / C: Cellular responses

A wide range of options and accessories to meet your specific requirements

Four impeller options provide flexibility to grow a wide variety of cell lines (More options on request):

1. Rushton impeller for standard fermentation applications

2. Low-shear pitched blade

3. Marine blade impellers for gentle mixing of shearsensitive cell lines (i.e. insect, plant and animal cultures)

4. Spin filter — a cell-retention device used with a marine blade impeller — for perfusion processes using

anchorage-dependent or suspension cultures

Exceptional flexibilty

Numerous threaded ports provide a high degree of flexibility for positioning probes, sampling tube and exhaust gas condenser to suit your process

Oxygen Mass Flow Controller

Maintain optimal control over culture DO level by installing this optional mass flow controller. The mass flow controller can accurately adjust the flow rate of incoming oxygen and is resistant to fluctuations in gas pressure, ensuring precise control and repeatibility of experimental conditions

A.) Cascade control scheme

B.) Integrated into controller for simple and automated operation

Gas Mixing Station

The gas mixing station allows the user to optimize cell growth conditions by independently supplying up to four gasses to the fermentation process. Parameters such as dissolved oxygen and pH can be controlled by adjusting the gas composition supplied to the system. Four manually adjusted flow meters control the flow rate of each gas, while the 4 solenoid valves automatically open or close in response to the culture conditions. The Gas Mixing Station can be operated in either manual or automatic modes.

CO2 / O2 Off-Gas Analyzer

The CO2 / O2 off-gas analyzer provides real-time measurement of carbon dioxide and oxygen concentration of the bioreactor exhaust gas. The CO2 concentration is determined using a self-calibrating non-dispersion infrared sensor, while an electrochemical sensor monitors the oxygen concentration. Using this information, the user can continuously monitor metabolism and analyze cell growth parameters.

CIP Connection Module

For automated cleaning procedures, a CIP system may be used with SIP fermentation system.

Additional valves, connections, and spray-balls will be installed to allow connection of your own CIP system.

*Note that this option MUST be requested at your initial inquiry, later-on additions after the completion of construction is not possible

Cell Density Monitor

Our special implemented online cell density device allows you to obtain direct information about your cell growth rate and cell density; as these values are critical to many bacterial, yeast and animal cell cultures. Online cell density device combines monitering and probing system, also performs accuracy precisely.

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