INRW-330 Microplate Washer

INRW-330 Microplate Washer

The enzyme label washing machine is mainly used to clean some residual substances after the detection of the enzyme label plate and wash to remove unbound antigens and impurities. After washing, only specific antibodies are left on the solid phase carrier. Impurities in other immunoglobulins and serum are washed away during the washing process because they cannot combine with solid-phase antigens. In this way, the error caused by residues in the subsequent detection process can be reduced, and the pipeline can also be automatically flushed to prevent the blockage caused by the crystallization of the washing solution during re-use.

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Main Features    

  1. 4.3” Capacitive touch screen, High touch sensitivity plate, and strip wash adjustable    

  2. Low residual volume by two pipettes    

  3. Complete bottom washing    

  4. Shaking and dipping function    

  5. Can be paused during washing    

  6. The pressure of the wash fluid can be fine-tuned to suit various washing requirements    

  7. Pipe washing function with adjustable washing time to avoid the pipe block effectively.    

  8. Suitable for Flat, V-bottom, or U-bottom microplate    

  9. Large memory to store up to 100 user-programmed wash protocols.    


Technical Parameters
Washing head8 needles /12 needles
Wash modePlate or strip
Wash times1-99 times adjustable
Wash strips1-12 strips adjustable
Dipping time0-24 hour adjustable
Shaking time0-24 hour adjustable
Residual volume≤1uL/well
Liquid volume 10-3000uL, Adjustable with 1μL as the step
Sipping time0.1-9.9 S
Wash modeWith 2-point liquid suction, bottom washing, and fine adjustment of wash   liquid pressure