Innova Water Purification System Support Clinical Medical Research of Zhongshan Hospital

Feb 03,2023

Innova Classic DU Water Purification System provides the CLRW water at the Clinical Medical Research Institute of Zhongshan Hospital, this institute focuses on the innovation of clinical medicine, biotechnology, medical engineering, new drug research, and other disciplines, improves the strength of clinical medical research and clinical service capabilities, and promotes the development of medical research.

Innova  Classic D water purification systems offer a perfect CLRW solution that meets the clinical laboratory requirements, including the 15MΩ.cm@25℃ Ionic Impurities, less than 0.22μm size Particulates, <30ppb TOC and<0.01CFU/mL  Bacterial Contamination.

Innova Performa E and Classic D water purification system uses tap water as the influent, utilizes mature two-stage reverse osmosis technology, and combines new EDI technology to provide users with high-quality pure water. In addition, the Innova water purification system has independent water leakage detection, factory pressure test, remote alarm, and other functions, which greatly improve the safety of machine operation.

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