INFOD-200 Pilot Freeze Dryer

INOFD-200T - 副本
INOFD-200T - 副本

INFOD-200 Pilot Freeze Dryer

The pilot-type freeze dryer is a small in-situ freeze-drying equipment, which is suitable for the pilot workshop of pharmaceutical factories and the freeze-drying treatment of food and Chinese medicinal materials. It is also widely used in pharmaceutical factories, food factories, life sciences and other freeze-dried A place for dry crafts. The in-situ freeze-drying technology is a current international advanced structural design, which prevents the pollution caused by the material transfer process and realizes the automation of drying and sublimation.

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  • PLC humanized operation interface, can program the freeze-drying process, conveniently handle operation data records and customize report real-time charts;    

  • The large-capacity FAT32 file system stores various data values, and the storage capacity is more than three months;    

  • With a USB data interface, directly plug in the U disk and export the freeze-dried data;    

  • The temperature of the clapboard is adjustable and controllable, and the freeze-drying process can be explored; it is equipped with two working modes, manual and automatic, and 40 programs can be set in the automatic operation program, and each program has 40 temperature control segments to meet different freeze-drying requirements of users. Process requirements;    

  • Imported brand silent compressor, reliable performance, low noise;    

  • Imported brand dry filter, high-efficiency filter refrigerant, prevent impurities and moisture from entering the refrigeration system;    

  • The separator uses silicone oil as the medium to achieve the purpose of cooling and heating, the temperature error is ≤ 1°C, and the cooling and drying effects are uniform;    

  • The in-situ freeze-drying design avoids the pollution caused by the material transfer process; the drying room adopts a high-transmittance colorless and transparent organic glass door, which can clearly observe the change process of the material during the operation;    

  • Separate structure design of cold trap and drying chamber, strong water catchment capacity and short drying time; all stainless steel design, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, each layer of partition is equipped with a temperature sensor, which can monitor the temperature and change characteristics of each layer of materials;    

  • The square tray is not easy to deform, easy to operate and easy to clean;    

  • Equipped with an inflation valve, it can be filled with dry inert gas;    

  • With automatic frost function;    


Basic Information

Shelf temp (℃)-50~70-50~70
Final condenser temp (℃)-80-80
Vacuum Degree (Pa)<10<10
Freeze drying area (m2)2
Condenser capacity (Kg/24h)40
Distance between shelves(mm)100
Liquid material loading capacity (L)40
Temperature uniformity (℃)±1±1
Cooling modeAir coolingAir cooling
Electric heater defrostYY
Cap seal methodNHydraulic pressure
Electrical voltage380V
Electrical frequency50Hz,60Hz
Condenser chamber dimension(φ×Hmm)360×910
Drying room dimension(WxDxHmm)680×895×820
Exterior dimension (WxDxHmm)2100*1200*1800/2100
Shelf specification (L*W*Hmm)600*600*20
Qty of shelf6+16+1
Penicillin bottle φ2241004100
Penicillin bottle φ1678007800
Penicillin bottle φ121440014400



1. Optional Vacuum Pump 

ModelUltimate Pressure
Pumping Speed
RotaryInlet DiamMotorWeightDimensionsBenchmark model

2. Optional N2 generator

1FluidCompressed air after non-corrosive purification
2Working PrincipleVariable Pressure Adsorption
3Inlet air flowStd.150L/min
4Inlet air pressureStd.8 bar   | Min 0.7 bar  Max:0.85 bar
5Inlet air temperatureStd.25 ℃   | Max:35℃
6Working environment temperatureStd.32 ℃   |Min 0℃  Max:45℃
7Pressure loss at full loadStd.0.2 bar
8Outlet nitrogen temperature+5~25℃  
9Outlet nitrogen dew point-30℃
10Outlet nitrogen pressure0.05-0.6Mpa adjustable
11Export nitrogen purity≥95%
12Outlet nitrogen flow≥3m³/h
13Air InletDN15
14Nitrogen outletDN15
15Power220V 50Hz  | 2500W  2 phase 3 wire
16Net weight100kg
17Dimension (H*W*D)1300×600×550
18Structure formCase-type
19Noise level1 meter from the equipment, noise less than 50 decibels

3. Optional Booster Pump

Exhaust rate50Hz500m³/h (8330L/min)
60Hz600m³/h (10000L/min)
Suction pressure50Hz1.3x10³Pa
The maximum allowable pressure difference
(discharge pressure - suction pressure)
Ultimate pressure
Oil required
Cooling waterFlow2L/min
Cold water pressure1x10-1Mpa
Water temperature5-30°C
Suction port
Exhaust vent


Innova Freeze Dryer Brochure

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